Rise to the occasion

Rise up #beauty and #wellness family!

For me this is the time to critique me to better myself my soul my mind! Will there be obstacles - yes, will there be thoughts - yes, will there be distractions - yes, will there be discomfort - yes. For me I am making 🍋 into lemonade. I am confident that the more I center myself and stay connected to people who are wise & not afraid, who are ahead of me & desire to pull me forward, to watch there words that are #influencers and #motivators

Information is power and it’s more powerful when it’s accurate! This week you will have the opportunity to learn and giving success tools to keep you going through this journey we are all growing through together!! Stay strong God is Always On Call Watching He Knows the outcome!!

This is the time I have come to believe that we are to hone in on our skill set. Possibly there are things that we have been dreaming and thinking about doing possibly in the beauty industry. We have not taken the time to write down the steps we wanted to make. Maybe the steps to become an educator...an entrepreneur...a leader...a study of hair skill and nails...making videos on YouTube and Instagram...making moves towards becoming more prominent. Now is the time for us to spend more time on making the business work for us. Now is the time to think about what we would do differently when we are able to go back to the industry. Will we appreciate the gifts we have been given. Will we do the things the same? Will we change anything? How will we approach the career and the industry as a whole? Will things change?

I was a business owner at a young age. I owned a salon and spa. I didn't listen to the voices of great mentorship at the time and I had to close my business. Debt-free but I had to close. I thought it was devastating but it wasn't. I am grateful that I made that choice at that time because I was able to hone in on my skills and I became better. I kept busy to learn and hone in on my skills so that I could be better. I now am doing the same by reading and learning online so that I am better after this season than when it started. I need to be better for my children and my legacy. I need to make sure that the ones that came before me and who I learned from are not ashamed to see me as a cosmetologist. Will I be better after all this than I was before? I am essential and my skill is needed. You are essential and you are needed. Study the salon business..the industry...have you made a plan...have you made a vision board. Think about your next step. Think about those things and take action.

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