GOALS vs goals

There are goals and then there are GOALS lol!! I say this for me as I am typing..... Not living up to my full potential especially after God has graced me with more than a second chance means that I will say great things about myself even if I am not feeling it! That I will have Faith! I will choose wisely the words that come out of my mouth!

That I will share the

#love #wealth #abundance #opportunity #wisdom #obedience #knowledge #truth #etc

like I am doing now!

Great opportunities have come my way and I allowed obstacles (that could be people places and things to sidetrack). Guess what glad you asked lol!! No more Sorry Not Sorry! Gods grace is amazing and abundantly full when willing He will WOW you when ready! Some may say you have your hands in so many things, I say that is a good thing it may be because one has not come full circle or even half circle. I know that my hands are created my heart is a gift I am server and a leader my ability has gone beyond my own understanding at times that is probably why I am passionate about sharing everything beneficial and not foolery! Life is a gift - do not let one person that is not a cheerleader for you or giving you the truth about you to support your growth speak lies to you! Check out all of my talents. Great leaders say having multiple streams of income is a good thing watch there walk and talk. Be wise and choose wise! That is my Word for Monday!

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