Walking in purpose, flying high

Life has a way of bringing you to your true purpose! For many years I felt not worthy of speaking into the lives of people. I now know God’s will is way out of my depth. The word states His ways are not ours, His thoughts are not ours - we cannot even fathom what He has planned for us. I have so much gratitude and appreciation for Him and I surrender. At times it is mind blowing, surreal and humbling. There was a lady in my life for a while she used to call me “Evangelist” I would say no!! I get it now that God uses your gifts and talents if you #stay-woke not for my self #shenanigans for His purpose especially when He has already planned it out! It’s just a matter of #when. Some people never fulfill or walk in the #dreams or #visions they get buried, by death, everyday stuff not knowing or being in fear! My prayer 🙏🏼 is that we as a #people#community #tribe get the vibe and work together give good guidance seek goodness #create #stretch have faith #soarlike eagles

#soarlikeeagles #strive #purposedrivenlife

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