Break Every Chain - power of words

One of Life’s Lessons I have learned is this there is power in silence. We must continue to take accountability for our actions and words we say! Entrepreneurs and business people make it and at a period in their life, they believe it is good or the best choice. Whatever the action taken, own up to it and be responsible. Do not lay blame on another person for your success or failure. It is the ability to have empathy and compassion for people especially when you are in service - no matter what industry! We all fall on hard times, sometimes financial crisis and hardships! Everything is not as it seems! The power of prayer and forgiveness is what matters, in all circumstances. Life and how we respect one another. Understanding the power of the tongue and that which is spoken or written has the power of life and death. Words can cause so many consequences that most people cannot accept! Keep in mind that when we fall short or fall down, that the light/sun/God is always there for those who are blessed to see. We have another opportunity! Keep pushing striving for good. Do not be judgemental. Be honest and be true - that’s what matters!

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