Lifestyle Journey: Beginnings

Your journey to health, wellness and beauty started when you made the choice to change for the better.

Make wise choices with eating, as what you exude from your person is partially based on what you put in your person. Sit with great posture - think taller and walk taller. Your posture helps your core strength and your mental stature.Exercise and eating right are an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. With your physical wellness in order you have greater command of your mind and the enhanced capacity to make changes for yourself. Once we have reaped the benefits from step 1, our minds are sharpened. We will be ready to face those challenges that once limited us by our mindset. We will be ready to reach for our dreams and will be better prepared to reach our goals. Are you ready to rise in the morning expecting greatness? Knowing that, "I can do all things through Christ that strengthen me," (Philippians 4:13). Visualizing our dreams and goals through our spiritual eyes, we realize that we all have authority to create change. Let us execute those gifts! We can endure! Take the lid off, then there is no pressure! This is the pivotal step - setting goals. Take action by writing your goals down, strategizing as you go. Keep exercising your faith and continue moving forward. Remember to keep your mind engaged on the greater good, that you know is coming your way, physically, spiritually and mentally!

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