Pillows talk and dreams walk

"Who would have known that God would have all things to happen in such a way as to bring me to this point!? I ran from it, I procrastinated it, I hid from it, I avoided it - BUT GOD kept pushing me in the direction of my purpose and now I am here where I am not fully done with the journey but on the path to my vision and goals. Never give in, never give up, never stop going! I have to the passion to TAKE back the industry at its core. The goal of Michele's Touch is to do what is needed to make COSMETOLOGY GREAT again! We are all born with a gift and it is never to late to start where you are to fulfil your purpose.

The words ring true - serving others with no agenda to help fulfil their passions will only go to serve you when your time is right!"

I was at an event a few months ago and at this event I learned some things but mostly I learned that I do not need to doubt myself. This is advice that we all need to take - dreams are GREAT, but don't let your pillow get all the "good stuff" while your life only gets "talk of dreams". What you are thinking for your life - write it down, make the vision plain and go for it!

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