Pruned for the fight or flight - choose!

I have been pruned, tested, schooled and betrayed - all of the things I am sure that most authentic, true and passionate people with a purpose "grow" through! No Exception to life's "educational" classes - I am a student for ever. I have found (and it has been revealed to me) this concept: what and who you become from our journeys is exactly that! Question: Does one become bitter cold, disconnected and isolated from experiences in life? Well only you can answer this, but keep in mind this is what the enemy needs so that he can play with your mind! Does one put on the armour and sword with the helmet of salvation and go out and FIGHT for LIFE with faith? Do you surround yourself with likeminded energy, people and places? Or do you run and hide from your problems?

#pruned #tested #faith #pathtolearning

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