School of kinks, rollers and perms!

Education is an option! Let us dig a little further in to the meat and then we throw out the bones. There are hair dressers, stylist, image consultants makekup artist nail tech's etc...The supply is high although the deliverence is not. When I decided that college was not for me, and that I wanted something else boom... beauty school came into my life! My mentor and educators at the time were the Creme de' la creme. They placed expectations with discipline which some of us needed especially me! The educators delivered their expertise and knowledge, which was essential for me and my piers to be successful and complete the required hours of training in order to pass the state board of cosmetology of course. I can recall specific words as I was taught the importance of doing my best and being my best in this industry. All of those nuggets did have challenges here and there!!

This must be said; this is a recession proof business!! I continued to surround myself with successful stylist, and business owners who were supportive intellegent professional and so much more. I am grateful for those life lessons. I've always been in the posture to learn and be educated throughout my career, espceailly in this industry. It is always evolving and trend setting, with colorizing, styling, cutting etc., this is simply a dynamic profession!

It was the Year 2004 I had been strectched so far I thought for all that I could do but not so during my Hiatus from standing behind the chair, I searched and learned and recommitted myself to take all that is given in this industry by receiving more certification partnering with some phenominal businesses,attending master color classes in other words investing in Me!!..As the words are stated when you stop learning you are stuck and definately not growing!

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