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Tips and advice for success in your career path through business, beauty & wellness. 


Write down your vision - make it plain! See it and go for it!


Entrepreneurship is not for the faint at heart.  This lifestyle takes WORK!


Your business is what you make it - so why not make it great. 


Beauty and wellness go hand in hand - what you put in, is what you see on the outside. 


Don't be discouraged by what you see others doing - you never know what it took to get there.


School is not just a building.  You learn everyday if  you accept various "teachers"


Everyday is a second chance to get it right!


"When your image improves your performance improves!"

-Zig Ziglar


"Success is one thing you can't pay for. You buy it on the installment plan and make payment every day."

-Zig Ziglar


Me, myself and I!


Keep it Fresh!  Find the best look for me so when I pass by a mirror I say "hey there gorgeous!"  

Readheaded Model



Knowing and understanding the scientific study of hair, skin & nails - WHEW!! We can do it all!

Male Haircut

Reality of the Shears


Shears, clippers, and blades - Invest in quality not quantity! Seminars and webinars are essential for use of shears and blades to hone your craft and skill set!


Behind the chair


This is the make or break in establishing and building a consistent clientele & following.

Healthy Breakfast



This is something that we need to be strategic and plan accordingly for the health of our body.  We want to maintain and have natural energy.

Girl with a Shoulder Tattoo

Be colorized!


Learn the craft of color that professionals use, because understanding the premise of color equates to overall success!


Healthy skin


As a licensed professional (cosmetologist or training to be one) you should comprehend hair skin and nails,  its purpose & its health!

High Fives



There is no "I" in team because together everyone achieves more!




Travel and explore.  The opportunities are endless as there is so much to do and see.  Learn your craft and hone your skill. Some will, some won't.

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The image


There is a key to success that no one can give you and that is your IMAGE! Make sure that your first impression is your BEST impression. Ensure that your hair is clean, fashionable, stylish and up to date. Ensure that you dress successful everyday whether in jeans and a tee or in a suit! You are the first introduction to your brand.