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Smoothies are the answer to any craving especially if you are a  lover of ice cream, milkshakes and sundaes.

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Create a delicious and nutritious meal with a few items.  Try using whole grain pasta, crushed black olives, garlic (crushed or chopped fine), salt/pepper to taste, olive oil to drizzle and toss with fresh basil for a fresh spin on pasta salad. 

exercise ideas

Sit with great posture - think taller and walk taller.  Your posture helps your core strength and your mental stature.

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Veggies, are the most nutritious attribute and we should  consider it as a gift to our bodies. The rewards are awesome. Although, it may take time to get our taste buds use to these delectable foods, our bodies respond with zeal and tenacity.  Fuel yourselves with these antidotes full of vitamins and minerals. Then and only then will you see an abundance of energy and more. Then, who will your guests and customers take suggestions and advice from?  You of course! So, see it as a WIN, WIN! Protein is essential for the  continuous productivity of the body. Be it fish, poultry, beef or tofu, this ingredient for productivity equates success.