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About Michele

I've spent a lot of time searching and trying to adapt to the "norm" which later I painstakingly learned, was a mute point. I am an individual that is uniquely talented, and didn't always fit in that normal box. Instead of rejecting these differences, I embraced and incorporated them into my individuality.


I've had the fortunate opportunity to be trained and educated in Montreal Canada, New York City and our nation's capital, Washington DC. I have also had the esteemed honor of working with and being mentored by some of the most sought after stylists and entrepreneurs in this industry, including: Paul Mitchell, Shelton of Shelton's Hair Gallery, Saleh of Saleh's Hair Studio and Betty Johns of Tresses by Tris, to name a few. I am thankful for the opportunities that were presented to me, and the invaluable life lessons I learned because of them. I am truly humbled to have been in the presence of people of influence, great leaders, visionaries and the like.
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What You Can Expect

Clients are consulted individually and upon completion of the initial consultation, goals are formulated and a strategic plan of action is developed.​


Michele's Touch "Kreated" is a workforce development program with wrap around services encompassing the core of cosmetology and it's minutiae.

Educational Goals

  • Create a learning environment of respect and trust

  • Encourage a commitment to health, wellness and discipline

  • Engage and promote personal and professional development

  • Inspire the continuous quest for knowledge and growth


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My Approach
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